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Front-end web developer - Software developer - Mobile developer - SysAdmin

Danny Willems

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Web developer

Do you need a website for your store or to show your creations ? Do you need a blog or a website for your next event ?

Front-end developer, I will develop and maintain your website. I can develop from scratch, by using a CMS such as WordPress or Prestashop or by using frameworks such as Bootstrap, JQuery UI, MaterializeCSS,...

Software developer

Do you need a desktop application ?

Whether in C, Java, Python or OCaml, I will help you to develop your application.

Hybrid mobile developer

Mobile applications became a real need if you want to grow fast.

I developed some hybrid mobile applications using Cordova and Ionic.


Each enterprise need a server to host their website, their internal files or their projects in development.

I can manage your server running on a Unix or Linux distribution, install and maintain your hosting solutions.

Distinctions & Hackathons

Be Hackathon Metro


1st Price : Metro

The theme of this hackathon was 'People with disabilities'.
We developed an Android application, Metro, helping blind people to know when and where the next metro comes.
We used iBeacon I made with a Raspberri Pi and a Bluetooth LE adapter.

Kiss Your Teacher Hackathon ImmuneWar

Kiss Your Teacher

3rd Price: ImmuneWar

How to learn something easily ? With Serious Game !
We developed a serious game based on the immune system, called ImmuneWar. Bacteries against B-cells and T-cells, who's going to be the winner ?
During this hackathon, I learned the basics of Unity3D and the world of game development.

SGConnectedHack Hackathon WeCare4U

SG Connected Hack

3rd Price: WeCare4U

Soon, the entire world will be fully connected and connected devices will help us in the daily life. We built a Pebble and an Android applications called WeCare4You. A fall detection algorithm is implemented into the smartwatch and when the user falls, the smartwatch calls the urgency if the user needs help. The project is in development

Citizens of Wallonia Hackathon Share Your Ideas

Citizens of Wallonia

Jury's Price - Share Your Ideas

A lot of people have great ideas, ideas that could make a great project. But often, students don't have a good enough networking to carry out the project. During this 48 hours hackathon, we developed a web platform that allows students that have a great idea to meet students majoring in another major than them. This way, a developer having an idea could meet an accountant,...

App For Students Hackathon

App For Students

Student App

Facebook, Twitter and all social network platforms have been a revolution in our daily life. It changed our way to communicate.
These platforms are used by millions of students, but none of them offers a real experience for their student life.
During this 24h hackathon, we tried to build a new concept of social network for students.

Softlab Hackathon GPSTracker

MIC Summer Camp

GPSTracker: In Development

GPSTracker, a small device built with Arduino, tracks your position every second. After your travel or your jogging, activate your bluetooth or connect it to your computer to retrieve data and use one of our applications to see your statistics or your travel. You can use the device during several days without recharging it.

Personal Projects

OCaml cordova plugins bindings

OCaml + Cordova

Bindings on github

OCaml has some OCaml to Javascript compilers letting you use OCaml to code web application. On the other hand, you have Cordova which let you build mobile applications as web applications.
I wrote and maintain a list of bindings in OCaml to Cordova plugins giving you access to native device components such like the accelerometer in OCaml.

Vim-IDE vim ide plugins vim-ide


Hosted on github

I think every vim user would agree if I say vim is a wonderful text editor with his key mappings and his modes. Vim isn't configured to develop with and we need to install lots of plugins. It take times, and we (developers) don't want to loose time to configure our IDE. So, vim-IDE is here to help you. It integrates a list of plugins which will transform vim in a full IDE, and it's easy to install.

GSLib ocaml python c library


In development

When we learn a new programming language, we must read a lot of documentation to know which basic functions do what we want such as create a linked list, a tree, a graph, ... GSLib is a library, written in multiple languages, keeping the same structure and providing the same functions and data structures for all languages, which let you easily switch to a new language.

GSMath ocaml python c library


In development

In the same idea than GSLib, GSMath is a library, available in multiple languages, keeping the same structure and the same functions. GSMath provides functions to do linear algebra (matrix), differential analysis, basic algebra, trigonometry,...

Open Courses learning platform

Open Courses

In development

Education is the key ! Knowledge must be free, available for everyone, everywhere and everyone would be allowed to bring something to it. We must have courses to learn. Open Courses is a collaborative platform containing courses on several subject. You have something to learn to someone: be collaborative, create an open course !



In development

CustomizeCalendars lets you customize your online shared calendars. It offers you to choose which events you want to go to, and modify the events' name with your own name without changing the original shared calendars values.



UMONS (2012-2017)

Master in mathematics

Minor in physics (2012-2015), computer sciences (2015-2017) and entrepreneurship (2015-2016).
Focused on thinking, projects and giving courses.
Main courses: mathematical logic, model theory, numerical analysis, local field, algebra, data structures, artificial intelligence, quantum physics, special relativity, electromagnetism and bioinformatics (see Linkedin).


42 (2015-2018)

Computer Science

42 is focused on peer-to-peer pedagogy and self-learning: no courses, no teachers, no schedule but only projects. C is the first learned programming language and most of projects must be done in C.
PHP, SQL (+ security vulnerabilities), computer security, C++, OCaml, 3D and lots of others computer fields are learned through projects. See github for my projects.



Java (+ Swing), Python, C, OCaml


Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS X


HTML5, CSS3 (+ Bootstrap, MaterializeCSS), JavaScript (+ JQuery, Angular JS), PHP


AWS, Debian, Ubuntu, Unix (FreeBSD), OVH, DigitalOcean, Docker, Basics NodeJS


Cordova, Ionic

Connected Devices



Raspberry Pi, Arduino


Git, MySQL, LaTeX, UML, Vim, Makefile, Gulp, Grunt


You have an idea, I have the skills. Feel free to contact me !